10 Tasteless Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you looking for a Halloween Costume idea that will make you the hit of the party?  Could you care less that people might be offended by your costume?  If you answered Yes to these questions, here are ten Halloween costume ideas for you: (And yes, some of these are really for sale, just click on the pictures)

1.  Mel Gibson

2. Snooki

3.  Any other Jersey Shore character

4.  A Mets Fan

5.  Gary from Teen Mom–just be sure to include a black eye :)

6.  A Chilean Miner

7.  Rex Ryan

8.  A BP worker

9.  Lawrence Taylor

10.  Brett Favre

Did I miss any tasteless ideas that need to be added to this list?  Just leave me a comment and let me know.

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3 Responses to 10 Tasteless Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. marina says:

    Poor Mets fans..they get no respect :(

  2. NJ Mets Fan says:

    I”m still a proud Met Fan!! No need to hide my face or ny NY Mets earrings.
    Wait until next year.

  3. NJ Mets Fan says:

    David Murphy was never a NY Met. You are thinking Daniel Murphy who was injured and did not play in2010.

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