Current Earnings

Cash Crate—$3,320.68
Inbox Dollars——–$419.51
Treasure Trooper——–$1,167.65
Deal Barbie ——–$661.75

Send Earnings——–$83.31

Pinecone Research——$275

1 ING referral———-$10


Associated Content——$50.40


This Site Is For Real—–13.03

Revolution Money Exchange——$135.00


Google Adsense———-$761.99

Private Ad Sales $41.97

RevResponse $50

Hits4Pay $25.30

PfBuzz Referrals $2.00

BuzzLogic $156.83

Amazon Commissions $423.18

OIO Publisher Sales $80.00

Linkworth $104.35

Performancing Ads $28.00

Logical Media $308.20

More Niche   $563.64

Meta Network  $33.85

Fox International Channels  $163.25

ADSDAQ              $157.42

Zazzle           $601.19

Chitika      $12.18

Adbrite  $34.85

TechConnect  $0.89

You Data   $2.92

Neobux  $11.84

FLD      $403

Legal  $100


Updated September 25th, 2011

24 Responses to Current Earnings

  1. daisy says:

    Wow! Good job!

  2. Ryan says:


    I’m hoping to learn how to make some $$, I have none well maybe 2.00 and I’m the guy you know was out there, I mean a degree in video but disabled so i can’t do the tv station jobs. I have in upwords of 50+ tv shows in treatment form or short story being developed and they are origional or as I see them done elsewhere, I toss them out. I am always creative but have trouble focusing and finding assets to get things done. I dream of helping the planet and have an invention that actually will but can’t get a loan for it(its design researched will generate electricity-you would oogle at the file) but I still have to find a way at literally no cost to make some money.

    Fifteen years doing non-profit work because of disabilitys,
    Yes if you say ” Man thats too many directions at one time?” , well I agree, but I was raised being told that we are all here to make the place better-so, now what. I’m not a charity case, I’m just looking for ideas.
    So tell me more?

  3. cashcrate says:


    The sites that I am apart of are definitely not going to get you rich quick. Instead, they can give you some extra spending money. My advice would be to join a couple of the sites on my list and start experimenting. The forums of these sites contain loads of information. If you have any questions after checking them out, just let me know.


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  6. Drunken Dragon says:

    That’s a good result. Congrats

    Drunken Dragons last blog post..WordPress 2.6 Got Hacked

  7. Interesting, that’s a pretty solid return. How much time did you have to invest in each of those? I always worry that I’m going to sink more time into those kinds of things than they’re actually worth to me.

  8. rutgerskevin says:

    When i first started, I spend hours and hours taking surveys to make this money. Now I make the vast majority of my money by referring others to these programs. This really takes no time at all. However, I feel that I have been able to successfully refer and help others make money with these programs ONLY because I spent a lot of time actually completing the offers and surveys.

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  10. Paid Surveys says:

    Well done, you! (as I take my repetitive-strain-injury’ed fingers off my keyboard and wave my pom-poms in the air!)

    It never seizes to amaze and excite me about how possible it is to make a real living online. Everytime I see earnings such as yours, I am (re)hopeFILLED.

    Some people feel uncomfortable sharing their online earnings. Thank you for sharing yours so openly. I’m sure you’re empowering a lot of people.

    May your online success continue.

  11. Melanie says:

    Great job! The hardest part, by far, of making money online is choosing a plan of action and going after it. You’ve set a great example for people here.

    Melanies last blog post..Mary Did You Know? by Jd Webb

  12. Erik Z says:

    I’ve tried many of those in the past and never earned nearly as much as you have, pretty impressive, good job man!

  13. rutgerskevin says:

    @Mobile–For some reason, I can’t get approved for adsense

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  15. Health Savings Plans says:

    Thank you for sharing your earnings. I’m just getting started on my personal sites, but I’m focusing on adsense. I have had success in the past with it.
    cd :O)

    Health Savings Planss last blog post..What Is A Health Savings Account

  16. Urbain says:

    This is an inspirational post. These figures seem more realistic and attainable than those posted on some other blogs that I’ve read. Many people would be very happy with those earnings! Congratulations.

  17. zero says:

    that’s like good… very good.. ! congratulation! thank for your earnings sharing,,, keep share n’ spirit!

  18. Symbian says:

    Why do you stop publish your earnings an year ago?

  19. nice to see that your earnings are continuing to rack up, great job hopes this continues for you

  20. Hey! Just wanted to say I applaud your honesty and the fact that you share your earnings.

    On my blog, I tend to do that as well. For now, I haven’t been making quite as much as you have but I’ve been doing pretty well.

    However, I’ve gotten several people’s advice that if I start making much more, I should stop sharing the actual amount that I make. I really don’t wanna do this because I like staying honest with my readers and I in no way tell them that because I make that much, so will they.

    What’s your input on this?

    Thanks in advance :)

  21. rutgerskevin says:


    One of the reasons why I share my actual earnings is that I was always frustrated when others would not. Yes, there are reasons not to share. For instance, some people on cashcrate will find successful referrers, google their referral number and start advertising where they do. In addition, if I did lied about my earnings on my taxes (which I don’t) I probably would not want to share my real earnings.

    Since many feel the way you do, I will continue to update this section even if I make millions :)

  22. Thank you for your response Kevin! I really appreciate it, and yes I think I’ll go the route of continuing to share mines as well. I feel most comfortable that way.

    I cannot tell people to sign up and make money with a website if I can’t constantly update with my earnings/checks/etc. It just doesn’t seem fair.

    :) Thanks again.

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  24. Mike Pannell (Realtor) says:

    That is not bad money. Keep up the good work and keep bringing in the extra cash.

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