Is Unique Hoodia a Scam?


* Stops the sensation of hunger so you stick with a lower calorie diet with ease
* Made from pure, organic South African Hoodia Gordonii (CITES, COA & Annex certified) so you’ll get the best results possible
* Produced in CGMP approved manufacturing facilities
* 495mg pure hoodia per pill – the highest effective (safe) dosage available
* Contains more pills per box than the leading competitors
* Now contains Bioperine, making it 30% more effective
* Users experience no side effects
* Has a full 6-month money back guarantee
* Very natural for the body – contains no preservatives


* Will still require you to track your calorie intake to see weight loss – if you eat for reasons other than hunger this product may not work for you
* Won’t provide a boost to energy levels like some other diet supplements will


495 mg pure hoodia gordonii, which contains the active P57 ingredient necessary for results


For best results, start with one dose and assess your tolerance and reaction. From there, work up to three pills per day taken before your meals.
Additional Considerations:

Due to the potent appetite suppressing benefits of Hoodia Gordonii, one thing that you do want to ensure is that you’re still eating a healthy well-balanced diet. Some users will find their desire to eat falls so low that they may not take in nearly enough calories and will start to suffer malnutrition because of it.

You should still be regulating your diet while using this supplement being sure to consume high-nutrient foods that are lower in calories so you get the benefits of fast weight loss while using hoodia without putting your health at risk.

Remember that taking your calories too low will only slow your metabolism and make weight loss come to a halt. Aim for no fewer than 1000 per day for females or 1200 per day for males.


If you’re someone who’s really struggling to stick with their diet plan because of hunger, hoodia is definitely a good product for you. Hunger is one of the biggest issues that will throw most people off their diet plan so without it present, you’ll find success with weight loss ten times easier.

Since this supplement is a natural ingredient it’s also very safe so you can feel confident about using it to help you achieve your goals.


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