The Most Loyal Mets Fan in The World

You can say many things about Mets fans, but you can not say that they are not loyal to their team. They have been patiently waiting 26 years and counting for their next World Series Championship. During this current frustrating season, most have viewed outfielder Jason Bay as a symbol of the Mets troubles. He is batting only .160 and only has 10 RBI’s for the entire year. But there is one fan out there who has been waiting his entire life to see Bay succeed and has never given up that he just might turn his season around. In fact, this die-hard Mets fan, until today, had NEVER seen Jason Bay drive in a single run.

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2 Responses to The Most Loyal Mets Fan in The World

  1. MaryJane Brink says:

    Of course I love this post. Ethan looks adorable and his Dad is crazy. You should send it to WFAN.

  2. marina says:

    Ike Davis is Ethan’s favorite player.

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