Can Your Blog Have More Than One Niche?

One of the most important decisions you have to make as a blogger is to choose what you will blog about. Although some bloggers choose to write about whatever they want to each day (many personal blogs), most bloggers choose a niche that will be the focus of their blog. Selecting a niche allows the blogger to attract readers that are interested in this same niche and keeps the blog focused and organized. But can you blog about more than one niche without alienating your readers?

I say–it depends. Multiple niches are quite acceptable when you can somehow relate the different topics to each other. Let’s look at my blog as an example. If I had to describe what my blog is about I would say that it is a make money online, blogging tips, and personal finance blog. That’s three niches for those scoring at home. I believe that these topics mesh well since blogging is a good method of making money online. In addition, those interested in making money online are very likely to be interested in learning various personal finance tips.

Still, I have to be careful to understand my three (potentially) different audiences. As I have stated previously, a relatively new blog like this one will receive the majority of its visits from fellow bloggers. Therefore, I can say that any new blog can safely have blogging tips as a secondary niche. However, as this blogs matures and gains more exposure, I will have to realize that more of my readers will be non-bloggers and less likely to find a blogging tips post interesting.

I will also have to pay attention to what type of posts are driving the most traffic to my blog. For instance, if my personal finance posts are generating the majority of my hits, I will have to consider that some who are interested in this topic might not feel comfortable enough with computers to attempt to make money online and/or start a blog. If this were the case, I would have to reduce the number of making money online and blogging tips posts.

Consequently, I believe that having more than one niche is okay for the majority of blogs out there. As a blog grows and matures, you may have to decrease (or even eliminate) your secondary niche(s) and focus on what your readers value the most.

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10 Responses to Can Your Blog Have More Than One Niche?

  1. SomeAudioGuy says:

    I agree, and it is tricky. I read so many personal blogs that just seem scattered. I’ll find one post that I totally dig, but then there will be dozens of posts I just don’t care about, and then I just kind of give up on it.
    Personally I’m a big fan of the “umbrella” niche. My niche is “audio”, and I try to tie all of my posts to something that makes noise. Leaves me a lot of room for things to write about.

  2. rutgerskevin says:

    @some audio guy–i like that term umbrella niche

  3. Blogging for profit says:

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  4. I guess it will be rather difficult to make and also to maintain a multi-niche blog.

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  5. Skin help says:

    Several niche type blogs are good as long as the quality of content is high. Far too many blogs go down the route of sponsored posts. Who would want to read a sponsored post?

  6. Jack Smith says:

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  7. Lalla says:

    Yea u can very well make it on more than one niche

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  9. content management system says:

    hey really great thought i never think about this point, i like your thought and surely i want to experiment and concentrate on niche, i’ll never get time about it but now i want to implement, do you have any specific suggestion on any particular niche or about any topic just your opinion…..Thx :)

  10. Dan O says:

    I have a general blog and I have a music blog where I specifically give out free mp3s in each post. The music blog gets way, way more sign-ups.

    I think you can have multiple topics in a blog if you want but t makes it more difficult to develop an audience unless you are a well known person already and people just want to know what you are thinking.

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