What Your Favorite Childhood Toy Reveals About You

Cabbage Patch Kids–Your loving and caring personality is only trumped by your egotistical belief that you would make a better parent than the Cabbage Patch Kid’s real mother.  Fans of these adorable dolls also don’t quite seem to realize that raising a real child might require a little more work.

Famous people who collected Cabbage Patch Kids–Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, and the entire cast of Teen Mom.

Glo-Worm–Your love of this phallic shaped toy turned out to be the beginning of stellar career of  obsessing over battery-operated toys. Unfortunately, the radiation emitted by Glo-Worms has been proven to cause several psychological disorders.

Famous people who had Glo-Worms–Lindsay Lohan, Snooki, and Britney Spears.

Micro Machines–Your passion for cars and monster trucks led you to beg your parents for these over-priced miniature figurines.  Also, for some unknown reason, collectors of Micro Machines also tend to talk extremely fast.

Famous people who collected Micro Machines–Sadly none, since most kids choked to death playing with them :(

Pound Puppies–Let’s be real here, you didn’t even like dogs at the time, you just liked the Pound Puppies theme song.  In addition, you are most likely to have grown up dirt poor since your family couldn’t afford to get you a real puppy.

Famous people who collected Pound Puppies–Sarah McLachlan, The Situation, and Michael Vick.

Teddy Ruxpin–Your intense curiosity made you stare at this bear for hours, wondering how he could talk. Unfortunately, you were so traumatized by this creepy furry friend that you are often haunted by irrational thoughts.

Famous people who had a Teddy Ruxpin–Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, and Sarah Palin.

Super Soakers and/or Laser Tag–You became competitive, aggressive, and sneaky at an early age in order to properly ambush your friends.  Also, you failed to develop the ability to know when your act is getting old pretty fast.

Famous people who had Super Soakers–Charlie Sheen, Ryan Seacrest, Bernie Madoff, and the Columbine shooters.

My Little Pony–You wanted to be a little princess and have a real pony, but your parents got you this toy instead.  Quickly, you developed a love and obsession for stroking My Little Pony’s long mane.

Famous people who had a My Little Pony–Justin Beiber, Hilary Swank, George Takei, and Neil Patrick Harris.

Play-Doh–Fans of Play-Doh are very creative people who have well developed imaginations.  In fact, their imaginations are so extensive that it appears to some that they are actually living in their own little world.  Sadly, eating Play-Doh has been proven to cause brain damage.

Famous people who loved Play-Doh–George Bush, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton.

Rubix Cube–You spent hours and hours learning how to solve this pesky cube.  Yes, you developed your intellect, but perhaps you would have been better suited playing outside.  Although you are now considered a smart person, many also call you a name that starts with p and rhymes with Rick.

Famous people who had Rubix Cubes–Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Belichick.

Baywatch Barbie–You were obsessed with her unnatural curves and her lack of being able to resist your constant gropes.  On the bright side, you did learn how to accessorize and appreciate the art of tanning.

Famous people who played with Baywatch Barbie–Tiger Woods, Rosie O’Donnell, JWoww, and Ben Roethlisberger.

He Man and She Ra–You tackle your problems head on with a warrior mentality. It is a shame that our laws are not more forgiving.  You also are pretty good with a sword.

Famous people who played with He Man and/or She Ra–Mike Tyson, OJ Simpson, and Martha Stewart.

Tickle Me Elmo–At an early age, you became engrossed with silly giggling.  As a result, you have an annoyingly up beat personality that drives most people crazy.

Famous people who played with Tickle Me Elmo–Katy Perry, Flo from Progressive, Paula Abdul, and the Sham Wow Guy.

Lite Brite–You spent countless days creating nonsensically designs and starring at the pretty lights.  As Yoda would say: developed, your artistic skills were.  But you might be lacking in concentration and short term memory.

Famous people who played with Lite Brite–James Franco, Woody Harrelson, and Snoop Doggy Dog.

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3 Responses to What Your Favorite Childhood Toy Reveals About You

  1. Corinna says:

    My cabbage patch doll had its own passport and was an immigrant from Hong Kong. I think my parents were trying to tell me something. Also the Magic 8 Ball is suspiciously missing from this list. Is Kevin jealous of its ability? All sources point to yes! =)

  2. marina says:

    I only had a cabbage patch kid..I was deprived lol

  3. cris says:

    I used to play with barbies and now i’m gay =) lol

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