The Ten Stupidest Moments in The Price is Right History

“The Price is Wrong, Bitch”–Happy Gilmore

Have you ever screamed at your TV screen while watching The Price is Right in hopes of altering a stupid contestant’s bid?

I thought so.

It is just too hard to watch people throw away a chance to win a nice prize or money–especially if you blog about personal finance.

I now present you some of The Price is Right’s less intelligent moments:

10. The 420 Guy.–This guy keeps on bidding 420 for each item, except when bidding 420 would have actually won him the prize. I love how he makes his last bid dramatic and asks Bob Barker what the previous contestant bided. In case you don’t know, 420 is a weed smokers favorite number and sneaking the number 420 or the time 4:20 in TV shows and movies (i.e. Pulp Fiction) has become a running inside joke.

9. The Flip-Flop Cheater–This guy hits the button that Bob Barker was supposed to hit at the end of the game to reveal the correct answer. Out of pity, (and maybe because they just didn’t know what else to do), Bob award Breton the prize anyway.

8. The Price is Right Miracle–No, it’s not a miracle that this guy won $1,000 on the wheel and that he won his showcase. The real miracle here is that someone would agree to marrry a guy wearing that shirt and shorts.

7. A brand new Lincoln for $12,751? Bob tries to calm the crowd reacting to this horrible bid by saying “Don’t start throwing things. You might hit me”

6. Guitar Hero or Bust–News Flash, the mountain climber just stopped somewhere in Nepal. “I thought it was a violin or something” Nice try!

5. Clock Game Troubles–I think this guy was bidding in Euro’s or something.

4. I don’t Need These ThingsThis guy is lucky that Bob didn’t let the audience maul him. After he wins, he no emotion and states that he doesn’t need these things. I thought Barker was going to go Happy Gilmore on this guy, but he was able to restrain himself.

3. Hot Joy Wins a New Car–Don’t ask me how she won, but she does. Bob Barker’s reaction to the whole fiasco is priceless. I guess she was not a math major.

2. Kim’s New Age Strategy–Instead of bidding one dollar over the last contestant’s bid, Kim decides to bid one dollar under. Unfortunately for Kim, this bold strategy did not work out.

1. Jose and Gay match up in the Showcase–You had to know that this was going to be a historic showcase when the first words out of Bob Barker’s mouth were: “Our top winner in the showcase today is Gay!” After Gay passes the right to bid on the first showcase, brilliant Jose tries to bid $250,000 on it before Bob stops him. After being given charity and sympathy from Bob, Jose then decides to bid $60,000–a bid nearly $40,000 over.

When Gay hears Jose’s bid, you can catch that she starts to laugh. Using good Price is Right strategy, Gay bids $1 on her showcase and is the big winner. We need to find out where Jose is now and promote him to admiral or something. If we put him in charge of solving our little pirate problem, I’m sure we would see some great results!!!

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23 Responses to The Ten Stupidest Moments in The Price is Right History

  1. dude says:

    the overbid on the showcase happened on the 4/14/09 episode too

    dude bid $75,000 for some recliners, box tickets to 2009 Cavs first round playoff tickets, and a harley, after it was passed to him. the other contestant bid $1 and won, after the dude overbid by $55,000. what a chump!

  2. bbrian017 says:

    Nice list haha! I watched a few it was some funny stuff! The guy in shorts getting married and the guy that pushed the wrong button was awesome!

    Buddy saying 420 was odd… Alex I waited a long time to say this… 420 LOL

  3. andrew b says:

    No Joseph is fail.

  4. rutgerskevin says:

    @andrew–The guy who bid like $2 million on a showcase? Couldn’t find that one on youtube. You have a link?

  5. andrew b says:

    Not only $2,000,000 on an IUFB, but purposely bidding 69s and a 420, and just acting like his I.Q. was equal to the chances of his getting on stage with $2,000,000.

  6. rutgerskevin says:

    Thanks andrew–that was a stupid moment!!!!

  7. Matt SF says:

    Hilarious. You just know his CO demoted him to scrubbing toilets for a month after that debacle.

  8. I-Am-Bordian says:

    Aren’t you glad we got this post so many hits?


  9. rutgerskevin says:

    Yes I am very thankful for all the Are You Bored regulars that stopped by!!!!!! This will certainly turn out to be my #1 traffic day.

    Kudos to my hosting company, bluehost, for surviving the traffic onslaught.

  10. Greg says:

    I sympathize with the Guy who bid on the bakers rack. No REAL man would know how much a BAKERS RACK is! $700????? What a rip off for a stupid rack that looked flimsy to begin with! I would have started at MAYBE 200 and ended near 300. I was absolutely shocked it was $700!

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  12. J. Money says:

    Dude, you are on fiiiiiiiiiiiire! congrats.

  13. B Dizzle says:

    Soooo, poor Jose is not good at currency conversion.

    250,000 pesos = ~19,000

    He probably would have kicked Gay’s a$$ all over the floor.

  14. nana says:

    Its amazing how stupid some people are

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  16. Ridge says:

    Never thought I say this, but Gay looks real good.

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  23. Mark says:

    There was an episode when I was a kid that was RIDICULOUS. Probably between 1983 and 1988. The contestant was an older African American woman. I can’t remember how but she made a fool of herself during the showcase. She somehow won that and when it was time to spin the wheel she fell over. Again she somehow won and made it to the end. She bid $100,000. Bob looked at her funny and said “you know you are only bidding on one showcase, right?” So she then blurts out, “$50,000”. Anyone remember or have it recoeded?

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